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“The Japan Heritage Promotion Project” Initiatives

The Agency proactively promotes activities to publicize attractions of the designated stories or of the regional revitalization programs through its Japan Heritage Promotion Project.
By implementing the following four programs, the Agency aims to put in place mechanisms, which will facilitate autonomous development of regional revitalization.

  • 1Promotion and training
    Dispatch Japan Heritage coordinators to relevant local communities, produce website and brochures in multiple languages and educate and train volunteer guides.
  • 2Publicity and education
    Hold presentations, exhibitions, workshops, symposiums and public relations events (domestic and overseas).
  • 3Research and study
    Gather information and documentations related to potential Japan Heritage sites.
  • 4Preparing sites for public use
    Facilitate visitor to understand stories with directional and explanatory signage and other guidance devices, enhance and supplement surrounding environment with benches, lavatories and similar facilities.

Japan Heritage Producer Dispatch Program

In addition to improving the level of public awareness of Japan Heritage, it is essential to support regional efforts, with understanding of specific issues and needs of individual sites, in order for regional revitalization programs tied to Japan Heritage to bear fruits.
To this extent, the Agency aims to improve overall brand image of Japan Heritage, promote local revitalization by dispatching Japan Heritage producers and staff to provide appropriate guidance and advice on specific issues and on Japan Heritage tied revitalization measures implemented at the respective localities having designated sites, as well as sharing case studies of models that councils can refer to with respect to the particular needs of local councils engaged in local revitalization programs tied to Japan Heritage.

Japan Heritage Ambassadors

The Agency has appointed Japan Heritage Ambassadors who will serve to publicize Japan Heritage within Japan as well as abroad.

What Ambassadors do

  • Appear in advertisement media sponsored by the Agency
  • Participate in various Japan Heritage events
  • Publicize Japan Heritage when appearing on ongoing programs
  • Publicize Japan Heritage in own blog, website, SNS etc.
  • Place Japan Heritage logo on uniforms, wear Japan Heritage badge on clothing.

(Adopt any of the above listed actions that are practicable.)

Term of appointment

November 4, 2016 through March 31, 2021