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Terms of use/Disclaimer/Copyright

1. Links

Link to Japan Heritage portal website can be made free of charge. (Not limited to the top page, but also including links to individual information (items).)

Provided always that the foregoing shall not apply to any information to which restrictions on linking are noted. There is no requirement for giving the Agency prior notice of making a link, however, please keep the forgoing in mind.

  1. Ensure to clearly indicate that the link is to Japan Heritage portal website.
  2. The Agency requests that anyone making a link to the Japan Heritage portal website to refrain from incorporating the Japan Heritage portal website into a website of another. Ensure that the link will open a new window.

2. Copyright

Individual information carried on Japan Heritage portal website are protected by copyright. Japan Heritage portal website itself is also protected by Japanese and International copyrights as compilations.

Please comply with the Terms of Use of websites of the Agency of Cultural Affairs whenever you use the contents of this website.

3. Disclaimer

The Agency is making its best effort in ensuring accuracy of the information posted on the Website. However, the Agency shall not assume any liability arising from use of information posted on the Website by any of its users.

4. Other matters

Please note that contents of the Website may be changed or deleted without giving notice in advance.