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2018/03/31 event

Horse Archery

On the grounds of Washibara Hachimangu in Tsuwano a horse archery festival is held every year. The second Sunday of April brings the blossoming of the Sakure cherry trees and the festival to Tsuwano.
This year, the 8th of April will be the day, when the archers perform a ceremony to entertain the gods.

There is a opening ceremony at the shrine in the morning, from 11am and 2pm the riders mount their horses and perform the archery. There is also an Iwami Kagura performance during the day.

From 9am a free shuttle bus service starts from Tsuwano station to the Road Side station, which is just 10 minutes on foot from the ceremony
For more detail on Yabusame and English guide service, please contact the Tsuwano Tourism Association at tsuwanok@tsuwano.net


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