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2017/07/17 event

Heron Dance

Special course for the Heron Dance festival on 20th and 27th of July
The heron dance has been performed for more than 400 years, since it first came from Kyoto in 1542.
Visitors from all over the country join the crowd of the locals to watch this ceremony.
But why heron? What does the dance mean? You might have asked yourself questions like these, if you did, we have a special guided course for you, with a specialist of the local history and folklore.
■Date: First session 2017.07.20 13:00~15:30  /  Second session: 2017.07.27 14:00~16:30
■Meeting place: Tsuwano Japan Heritage Center
■Lecturer: local historian Mr. YAMAOKA
■Participation fee: 1,000yen (tax included)
■Group size: 5 - 20
■Submission deadline: 2017.07.18 / 2017.07.25
■Contact: Tsuwano Tourism Association at tsuwanok@tsuwano.net
■Supporters: Tsuwano Japan Heritage Center
In case of rain, the Heron Dance will be performed indoors, and thus the schedule might be subject to change.


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