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Privacy Policy

1. Fundamental principle

The Agency for Cultural Affairs collects personal information of users of the Japan Heritage website (http://www.bunka.go.jp hereinafter called the “Website”) to the extent that allow smooth operation of the Website by the Agency in providing information, receive comments or to reply to enquiries. The Agency shall properly use such information collected strictly within the scope of intended use of such information.

2. Information the Website collects

(1)This Website automatically collects IP address and other information. In addition, the Website uses cookies to collect information on what the user browses on the website and other information.

(2)If a user wishes to provide us with comments or wishes to make some inquiries (http://inquiery.bunka.go.jp), we solicit, but always at the user’s option, to register some personal information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and others.

3. How the Agency uses information we collect

(1) Information collected as per 2 (1) hereinabove shall be used only as reference to allow the Website to provided services smoothly.

(2)Comments received as per 2 (2) hereinabove shall be used only as reference in reviewing our policies on Japan Heritage for the future. To this extent, the Agency may, depending on the contents of the comments or inquiries, forward the same to the relevant municipalities or if a comment or inquiry pertains to matters outside the administrative scope of the Agency, such comment or inquiry may be forwarded to the appropriate administrative body. The Agency may use the name, address or e-mail address to reply or to verify an inquiry.

(3) Comments received as per 2 (2) hereinabove shall be used as reference in reviewing policies for Japan Heritage for the future. The Agency may use the name, address or e-mail address in replying to comments.

4. Use and sharing of information restricted

Except for request for disclosure by law, or in an event of occurrence of an unauthorized access, threat or other illegal actions, or for some other special reasons, the Agency shall not use information collected for purposes other than those stipulated in 3 hereinabove nor shall the Agency share the same with any other third parties. Provided always that statistically processed information on the Website, such as access to website, user attributes and similar may be published form time to time.

5.Security provisions

The Agency shall employ appropriate security measures to properly manage and prevent leakage, loss or damages to the information collected

6.Scope of applicability

This Privacy Policy shall apply only to the Website (http://www.bunka.go.jp). Handling of information at other relevant ministries shall be administered by the respective ministries.

7. Other matters

The Agency reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy from time to time as required.