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Kaengata Doki Jomon Pottery and the Snow Country Culture of the Shinano River Basin





Umataka Jomon Museum

The first discovered flame pot, many artifacts excavated from the Jomon sites in Nagaoka City are exhibited.

1-3060-1 Sekihara-machi, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture

TEL : 0258-46-0601

URL : http://www.museum.city.nagaoka.niigata.jp/umataka/index.html

Fujihashi Historic Plaza

A site park where the Fujihashi Site and artifacts are exhibited. Fujihashi History Hall is an exhibition hall. Excavated pillars are preserved at another hall, and some typical Jomon houses are reconstructed for visitors.

4157-1 Nishizu-machi, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture

TEL : 0258-46-8441

URL : https://www.city.nagaoka.niigata.jp/shisetsu/bunka/fujihasi.html

Nagaoka Municipal Science Museum

A comprehensive museum where you can learn about the nature and history of Nagaoka City. Archaeological materials include stone tools and pottery from the Paleolithic to the medieval age.

2-1-1 Saiwai-cho, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture (c/o Saiwai Plaza)

TEL : 0258-32-0546

URL : http://www.museum.city.nagaoka.niigata.jp/

The Niigata Prefectural Museum of History

Located on Sekihara Hill, the home of flame pots. The permanent exhibition of flame pots from around Niigata Prefecture is remarkable.

2247-2, 1-chome, Aza Gongendo, Sekihara-machi, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture

TEL : 0258-47-6130

URL : http://nbz.or.jp/


The fermenting culture flourished from long time ago. Old stores with miso, soy sauce and sake are still densely populated in this district. If you stroll around, you will smell rice malt here and there. Make a reservation to the cellars.

Setteya district, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture

TEL : 0258-32-1187

URL : https://nagaoka-navi.or.jp/spot/13238

PDF : Settaya Map [PDF 1.7M]

Tsuginosuke Kawai Memorial Museum

The life of Tsuginosuke Kawai, a vassal chief of the Nagaoka Han at the end of the Edo period, is introduced. “Chiritsubo”, which is a travel diary to west Japan, a Gatling gun replica, and autographed manuscript of Ryotaro Shiba’s novel “The Pass”, which made Tsuginosuke a hero, are exhibited.

1675-1 Naga-cho Ko, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture

TEL : 0258-30-1525

URL : http://tsuginosuke.net/

PDF : Tsuginosuke Kawai Memorial Museum [PDF 931K]

The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show

Nagaoka fireworks full of variety, such as the famous Sho-Sanjakudama(3-foot-diameter shell), Phoenix and Ten Chi Jin fireworks, color the surface of the Shinano River. Held on August 2 and 3 each year.

Shinano Riverbanks between Chosei Bridge and Ote Ohashi Bridge

TEL : 0258-39-0823

URL : https://nagaokamatsuri.com/en/

PDF : Nagaoka Summer Festival [PDF 4.3M]


Cattle are essential for farming in mountainous areas. The approximately 1,000-year-old tradition of bullfighting is considered to be a sacred event in Yamakoshi. The specific feature of this tradition is to pull the two bulls apart at the climax of fighting without deciding victory or defeat. The bullfighting in this community is designated as an important national treasure of intangible folk culture.

960 Minamidaira-otsu, Yamakoshi, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture (Yamakoshi Bullfighting Ground)

TEL : 0258-59-2343