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Daisen Gyuba Ichi
Japan’s Largest Livestock Market Born of Jizo Bodhisattva Worship






Jizo Bodhisattva is believed to have appeared long ago on the summit of Daisen in Tottori Prefecture.
From the end of the Heian period (794-1185), the Daisenji Temple became a destination for Jizo worshippers who took their cows and horses there in order to ask for divine protection for their livestock.
This practice resulted in Daisen Gyuba Ichi, which, during the Edo period, was the largest livestock market in Japan.
The market that was born of the Jizo faith expanded into the largest cow and horse market of the Meiji period (1868-1912).
Old-fashioned lodges and houses such as the farm village of Tokorogo, line the stone-paved road to Daisen, reminding visitors of past eras.
There are traditional local foods like Daisenokowa sticky rice, and practices of the Shinto ritual, mohitori shinji, that utilize Mt. Daisen’s water.
The people of Daisen continue to live their daily lives in appreciation and respect for the mountain.



  • Train
    • JR Tokyo Sta.(Shinkansen)~JR Okayama Sta.(Hakubi Line)〜JR Yonago Sta.
    • JR Tokyo Sta.(Sleepin Ltb Exp. “SUNRISE IZUMO”)〜JR Yonago Sta.
    • JR Shin-Osaka Sta.(Shinkansen)~JR Okayama Sta.(Hakubi Line)〜JR Yonago Sta.
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    • JR Hakata Sta.(Shinkansen)~JR Okayama Sta.(Hakubi Line)〜JR Yonago Sta.
    • JR Yonago Sta.(Local Bus)〜Daisenji
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    • Osaka(Chugoku Expwy)〜Ochiai JCT~Yonago
    • Okayama(Chugoku Expwy)〜Ochiai JCT~Yonago
    • Horpshima(Chugoku Expwy)〜Miyoshihigashi JCT~Yonago
    • Shimonoseki(Chugoku Expwy)〜Miyoshihigashi JCT~Yonago
    • KochiChugoku Expwy)〜Ochiai JCT~Yonago
    • Izumo(Sanin Expwy)~Yonago
    • Yonago IC(Daisenkanko Limited Highway)〜Daisenji
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    • Tokyo Haneda Airport〜Yonago KITARO Airport
    • Seoul Incheon International Airport〜Yonago KITARO Airport
    • Hong Kong Hong Kong International Airport〜Yonago KITARO Airport
    • Yonago KITARO Airport(Airport Bus)〜JR Yonago Sta.(Local Bus)〜Daisenji
  • Express Bus
    • Tokyo〜Yonago
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    • Hiroshima〜Yonago
    • Fukuoka〜Yonago


  • Daisen Town Office, Commerce and Tourism Division
  • TEL:+81-859-53-3110