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Wakanoura Bay
A Treasure House of Scenic Beauty






The scenery of Wakanoura Bay is continually changing. When the water recedes, the tidal flats appear, shimmering and subtly shifting by the minute. When the tide returns, the water replenishes the bay, and the old stone bridge casts its ancient shadow on the surface of the water.
The mountain cherry trees surrounding the bay accent the shrines and temples, enveloping the tidal garden in green and with the autumn foliage, contrasting beautifully with the deep blue bay.
During the annual grand festival, a colorful procession parades through the town and is seemingly absorbed by the scenery.
Many poets have been inspired by Wakanoura’s beauty, as it is believed that the goddess of waka (Japanese poetry), resides in the bay. Their poetic musings are captured in Japan’s oldest collection of poetry, the Manyoshu, with one poet noting, “If only I could take this scenery home”.
Wakanoura Bay continues to captivate visitors with its beauty and rich history of nurturing Japanese culture and arts.

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Wakayama City, Kainan City (Wakayama Prefecture)


Wakayama City
  • Train
    • JR Shin-Osaka Sta.(Hanwa Line)~JR Wakayama Sta.(Approx. 1hr)
    • Nankai Nanba Sta.(Nankai Main Line)~JR Wakayama Sta.(Approx. 1hr)
    • JR Nara Sta.(Yamatoji Line/Hanwa Line)~JR Wakayama Sta.(Approx. 1hr50min)
    • JR Shirahama Sta.(Kinokuni Line)~JR Wakayama Sta.(Approx. 1hr20min)
    • JR Shingu Sta.(Kinokuni Line)~JR Wakayama Sta.(Approx. 3hr)
  • Car
    • From Osaka Suita JCT~Wakayama IC(Approx. 1hr)
    • From Kyoto Kyoto-Minami IC~Wakayama IC(Approx. 1hr30min)
    • From Kobe Kyobashi IC~Wakayama IC(Approx. 1hr30min)
    • From Nara Tenri IC~Wakayama IC(Approx. 1hr10min)
  • Airplane
    • Kansai Airport(Kankuu Kaisoku)~JR Hineno Sta.(Kishuji Kaisoku)~JR Wakayama Sta.(Approx. 45min)
    • Kansai Airport(Nankai Main Line)~Nankai Izumisano Sta.(Nankai Line)~JR Wakayama-City Sta.(Kisei Main Line)~JR Wakayama Sta.(Approx. 45min)
    • Kansai Airport(Airport Bus)~JR Wakayama Sta.(Approx. 40min)
  • Express Bus
    • From Tokyo Shinjuku Sta.・Tokyo Sta.~Wakayama
    • From Yokohama Yokohama Sta.~Wakayama
Kainan City
  • Train
    • JR Shin-Osaka Sta.(Kyoto Line)~JR Osaka Sta.(Kishuji Line)~JR Wakayama Sta.(Kisei Main Line)~JR Kainan Sta.(Approx. 1hr10min)
    • JR Wakayama Sta.(Kisei Main Line)~JR Kainan Sta.(Approx. 13min)
  • Car
    • From Osaka (Hanwa Expressway)~Kainan-Higashi IC/Kainan IC/Shimotsu IC(Approx. 1hr)
  • Express Bus
    • From Tokyo Shinjuku・Ikebukuro・Yokohama(Meiko Express Bus)~Kainan Sta.


  • Tourism Promortion Division, Tourism Department, Wakayama Prefecture
  • TEL:073-441-2424
  • Cultural Promotion Division, Lifelong Learning Promotion Department, Wakayama City Board of education
  • TEL:073-435-1194
  • Tourism Division, International Tourism Department , Wakayama City Community and Industry Development Section
  • TEL:073-435-1234
  • Industry Promotion Division, Community Development Department, Kainan City
  • TEL:073-483-8461


Wakanoura Bay