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Yabakei Scenery
Traveling in the Sansui Scroll Painting of Nature






The Yabakei gorge offers outstanding scenery with panoramic views of cliffs, caves and waterfalls.
Formed over 2.5 million years ago by the Yamakuni river, the flowing water has cut through the volcanic tuff and lava, creating magnificently shaped rocks and complex topography.
The area’s mysterious scenic beauty has made it a place of legend and prayer for local people since ancient times.
Resembling a Sansui ink landscape painting, the gorge has attracted much longing by writers and painters over the ages.
During the past millennium, Buddhas, stone bridges, cave gates, and gardens made out of stone have been created and scattered throughout Yabakei’s vast landscape, all of them connected by a single route built during the Taisho era (1912-1926).
Experiencing the Yabakei gorge feels like traveling inside a Sansui scroll painting where a multitude of scenes can be enjoyed from the bottom of the valley floor to the sky above.

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Nakatsu City, Kusu Town(Oita Prefecture)


  • Train
    • JR Kokura Sta.(Nippou Main Line)~JR Nakatsu Sta.(Approx. 30min)
    • JR Hakata Sta.(Nippou Main Line)~JR Nakatsu Sta.(Approx. 1hr15min)
    • JR Hakata Sta.(Kyudai Main Line)~JR Bungomori Sta.(Approx. 1hr50min)
    • JR Oita Sta.(Kyudai Main Line)~JR Bungomori Sta.(Approx. 1hr15min)
  • Car
    • Kita-Kyushu Airport(Higashi-Kyushu Expressway)~Nakatsu IC(Approx. 50min)
    • Oita Aiport(Oita Aiport Road/Higashi-Kyushu Expressway)~Nakatsu IC(Approx. 1hr10min)
    • Fukuoka Airport(Kyushu Expressway/Higashi-Kyushu Expressway)~Nakatsu IC(Approx. 1hr30min)
    • Fukuoka Airport(Kyushu Expressway/Oita Expressway)~Kusu IC(Approx. 1hr20min)
  • Airplane
    • Haneda Airport~Kita-Kyushu Airport(Bus/Train)~JR Nakatsu Sta.(Approx. 3hr20min)
    • Haneda Airport~Oita Aiport(Bus)~JR Nakatsu Sta.(Approx. 3hr)
    • Haneda Airport~Fukuoka Airport(Subway/Nippou Main Line)~JR Nakatsu Sta.(Approx. 3hr50min)
    • Haneda Airport~Fukuoka Airport(Bus/Kyudai Main Line)~JR Bungomori Sta.Approx. 4hr20min)
  • Express Bus
    • Hakata Bus Terminal~Kusu IC(Approx. 2hr)
    • Nagasaki Sta.~Kusu IC((Approx. 2hr40min)


  • Cultural property room, Social Education Division, Nakatsu City Board of education
  • TEL:0979-22-1111(代表)


Yabakei Scenery