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2019/10/03 event

October 6 Japan Heritage Junior High School English Guide Announcement

On October 6th (Sunday) from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (one day after a Rugby World Cup Match in Oita), a Japan Heritage Junior High School Guided Tour will be held.
The Japan Heritage Tours will be held in English for tourists who visit Mameda. Please ask for a guided tour from the junior high school guides. If you have any foreign friends, please ask them to participate, too!

We want to show as many people as possible the results of the junior high school students’ effort. They have practiced hard for this event. Please share this information on Facebook and elsewhere online, too!

Date: October 6th, 2019 (Sunday) 1:00 PM~3:00 PM
1.Kangien Education Research Centre (historic ruins of Kangien)
2.Mameda Community Development Centre
3.Chofukuji Temple

《Other Event Days》
1.October 20th (Sunday) (one day after a Rugby World Cup Match in Oita)
2.November 10th (Sunday) (Tenryo-Matsuri Festival)